What happens when you give strategists and technical professionals the freedom to pursue any skillset? And encourage them to take time for philanthropy… for family… and for ping-pong?

You get happy Indexers — experts with deep technical chops who stay here 98% of the time and have an awfully large number of positive things to say on Glassdoor.

Our culture is about work-life balance, sure. But it’s also about giving every employee a say in the pursuits and ideas that drive them — in their work, and beyond.

Guiding values

At the end of the day, we always deliver technical leadership and efficiency for our clients in federal health. But we’re also driven by beliefs that center us as an organization — and that set us apart.

A Partner(s) of the community

Baltimore has made our success possible, so we’re paying it back. With passion from our CEO our employees, Index is all-in on Baltimore’s future.

2021- Long Term Commitment to Baltimore County Public Schools and Community

In 2021 we established a partnership with the Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools (EFBCPS) to launch our long- term support for the neighborhood schools in our Woodlawn community. Our first initiative was to fund expansion of 2021 summer bridge programs at Woodlawn Middle and High Schools – critical support as students adapt to returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Indexers also donate their time - we volunteer to organize and sanitize donated books and supplies to get them into schools and other activities to support students and teachers. Future Index initiatives will include an Index scholarship program, elementary school support, and Index participation in EFBCPS stakeholder groups.


In 2020 we began supporting the Thurgood Marshall College Fund to transform the lives of students at historically black colleges and universities.


In 2018, we established a charitable program to support innovative STEM programs in Title I schools — including our first grant for an elementary school’s solar-powered drip irrigation initiative. In 2019, Indexers began our partnership with the Baltimore-city based nonprofit Code in the Schools (CITS). We donate financial resources and Indexers regularly volunteer time towards computer science instruction, resources, and mentorship for Baltimore school students.


In 2014, Raghu launched partnerships with UMBC, Morgan State, and Johns Hopkins that allowed 63 Baltimore students to participate in year-round Index internships, with four graduates becoming full-time Index employees!

Individually, Indexers are actively supporting the Baltimore community, serving on Boards of local nonprofits and volunteering their time and skills to support the work of food banks, homeless shelters, blood drives, and community events.



If our culture sounds like a good fit for the way you want to work, we think you could be a good fit for Index Analytics.